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What Beers Have the Lowest and Highest IBU (Overview of Popular Beer Types and Brands)?

International Bitterness Unit is a tool to point you to your best beer experience yet. IBU is great and all but putting a name on a number is even better. You will discover here the top beer brands’ IBUs and how they stack up.
What Beers Have the Lowest and Highest IBU

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If you like subtle hop bitterness, go for below 20 IBU. If you like to play it safe, 21 to 45 is right up your alley. If you like it big and strong, 46 to 120 is the one for you. If you want to go wild, 120++ IBU is the way to go. So, keep reading to start the mission to build your IBU intuition.

What Is a Low IBU Beer?

If you try any beers with an IBU in the area of 20 and below, you will find them to be lacking hoppy bitterness. But, there is no need to be making premature conclusions when it comes to IBU. There can very well be extremely low IBU beers and yet are hoppier than the 20+ ones. Usually, craft beer makers have the nerve to build upon classic recipes.

What Is the Lowest IBU Beer?

Within the boundaries of the parent beer styles, Berliner Weisse is one such beer. This beer goes around values of four to six IBU. Take for example a Berliner Kindl Weisse made by the Berliner-Kindl-Schultheiss-Brauerei. It represents the style Berliners proudly call the “Champagne of the North.”

Furthermore, Sour beers lean on a lower IBU value because of their non-dependence on hops. You can try Belgian Lambics in that regard.

What Is a Zero IBU Beer?

As much as you would like to label Zero IBU as the lowest IBU, it is just a claim that lacks concrete data. Moreover, it has no official style that people can validate.

This beer was born from the fact that you need to heat hops enough to release their measurable compounds. So, some smarty-pants figured that by skirting around boiling hops, they will get a “Zero.” This is hotly debated and more studies need to be made.

What Type of Beer Has the Highest IBU?

A Double IPA occupies the throne of the King of the IBU Hill. This is because IPAs are hop-centric in nature. Now, stick that double on it and you will get a hop epicenter. More hops equal more IBU.

Of course, we are explicitly excluding crafted anomalies on the thousands-scale.

What Is the Highest IBU Beer?

If the basic scale maxes out at 120 IBU, Hop-15 Ale is 182 IBU. It is a seasonal brew made by the Port Brewing Company. It is a fiesta of tropical and stone fruit flavors. And, it finishes you off with a hoppy ending.

Now, what about the 2600 IBU beer, you ask. That beer is not all it’s cracked up to be. You will be hard-pressed to find decent beers on that scale. Bigger is not always better but it sure can be bitter.

What Does IBU Measure in IPA?

International Bitterness Units is a measure of an IPA’s bittering compounds. The scientific community knows these compounds as isohumulones or iso-alpha acids.

For the common beer lover, IBU should give you a general idea of an IPA’s bitterness. But, it is not always definitive when it comes to special blends. So do not go relying on it too much, you might get your tongue clobbered.

What Is the IBU Range for an IPA?

The style guideline from the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) sets the IBU range of an IPA at 40 to 70. It is no surprise since IPA is a hop-forward beer style. Hop bitterness shines with IBUs of 45 and above.

What Is the Average IBU of an IPA?

A rough mathematical average of an IPA is 55 with a coarse estimated standard deviation of around 8. That gives you an average range of 52 to 63 IBU. But, the number is quite pointless if the beer is not enjoyable.

What Is a Good IBU for IPA?

IBU is not a measure of “goodness” of an IPA nor is it a measure of what your tasting experience will be like. IBU is limited to a general area of bitterness a beer could possibly operate in.

There is nothing better to determine what is good for you than trying the IPA yourself. You might enjoy an IBU of 40, or love a 70. Or, you could dislike both because the beer hid its inadequacy behind a hype number.

Do IPAs Have High IBU?

IPAs showcase hops and hops varieties. They tend to guarantee some form of hoppy and bitter experience. This comes from a time when hops were heavily used to ensure your beer’s freshness even after a long journey.

What IPA Has the Highest IBU?

Take a swig of Stone IPA from Stone Brewing. It boasts an IBU of 71. It is pretty much right on the edge of the basic IPA’s top IBU value.

Stone IPA has an opulent golden beer visual. It pops in your mouth with a perfect balance of piney hop tastes and scents with a delicate malt profile.

How Many IBUs Does a Pale Ale Have?

Pale Ales have just the right measured bitterness at 30 to 50 IBU. Think moderate to strong hop bitterness and aroma. Refreshingly hoppy with a malty presence.

How Many IBU Are in a Lager?

Lagers are on the mellow side of measured bitterness at 8 to 18 IBU. Think low to medium hop bitterness and aroma. A refreshing balance of hoppy and malty. The balance may slightly lean on one side or the other.

What Is the IBU of Budweiser?

The “King of Beers” has an IBU value of 12. Adolphus Busch introduced Budweiser to the world in the year 1876. It is an American Lager that represents celebration.

How Many IBUs Is a Bud Light?

Light Lagers like Bud Light have a “light” IBU of 6 to 10. It is basically a “healthier” version of the typical Budweiser. Bud Light has an average of 31% less of Bud’s calories, carbs, and protein.

If there is a king of beers, this feels like the prince of beers.

How Many IBUs Does Heineken Have?

One of the top brands of beer, Heineken’s Pale Lager hits the 19 to 23 IBU mark. This beer was around since 1873. What makes it special, beyond the red star and green bottle, is its use of their in-house yeast.

What Is the IBU of Coors?

Coors’ American Lager has an IBU of 15. Coors Banquet was introduced in 1873 with its water coming from the Rockies. They say that it is what separates the best Lager from the commonplace.

How Many IBUs Does a Coors Light Have?

Being a Light Lager gives Coors Light an IBU of 10. Introduced over a century after Coors Banquet, it has the moniker of “Silver Bullet.” It is a killer beer.

What Is the IBU of Miller Lite?

Similar to most Light Lagers, Miller Lite is a 10 on the IBU scale. But unlike most light beers, it claims the title of the original light beer. On top of that, it also has several wins in the World Beer Cup.

What Is the IBU of Corona Beer?

This Pale Lager Pilsner has an IBU of 18. Corona is one of the top-grossing imported beer brands in the US. In Spain, they call it “Coronita” to avoid trade name issues.

What Is the IBU of Corona Premier?

Corona Premier has a premier IBU of 7 when it comes to Mexican light beers. Thanks to its low IBU and touch of sweetness, it goes down very smoothly.

How Many IBUs Does Stella Artois Have?

An IBU of 24 to 30 is what Stella Artois gives you. Its IBU results in a fresh hop fragrance with a pleasant bitterness. This beer boasts Best International Lager in the World Beer Awards 2019.

What Is the IBU of Guinness Beer?

Guinness Beer is a Stout with a solid IBU of 40 to 45. It is a dark Irish beer with a velvety texture. Its malt gives a complementing sweet response to its roasted barley’s bitterness.

How Many IBUs Does Lagunitas IPA Have?

Lagunitas IPA tips the scales at 52 IBU. It is an Indian Pale Ale with a ton of hops, in fact, it has four of them: Cascade, Simcoe, Chinook, and Centennial. No wonder it is over 50 IBU.

How Many IBUs Does Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Have?

This brewer of this beer was heavy-handed with the hops giving 38 IBU. Full of Cascade hops goodness, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale has a powerful citrus and pine aroma.