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What Kind of Beer Is Crawford Bock (and Is It Good)?

Here’s to another ballpark beer. A beer marketed as a traditional Bock and a tequila sunrise–inspired design. Classy. And a retro style that’s appealing enough to make you buy one before a game against the Rangers.
What Kind of Beer Is Crawford Bock?

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A Crawford Bock is a German-style lager or put simply, a traditional Bock.

However, some would disagree that its lower ABV doesn’t exactly qualify as a Bock. Either way, what’s more important is…

How does it fare as a Bock? Is it worth sippin’? You’ll find out in this guide.

What Is Crawford Bock Beer?

A Crawford Bock beer is a decent Bock for anyone who’s looking for something more complex than a lager. If you’re still new to Porters and Stouts, give Crawford Bock a shot.

Think of it as a beer you could share with your buddies. Or in a baseball game perfect with a hotdog. Or a chill session with your dad or grandad.

One thing’s for sure though. A Crawford Bock is an easy-to-drink beer that’s super smooth. You could easily turn from drinking one to two to even a 4-pack.

What Does Crawford Bock Beer Taste Like?

A Crawford Bock has a rich malty flavor profile with some caramel, toasty, and nutty notes. It’s definitely more robust and complex than your typical lager. Despite its robust character, it’s still smooth and easy to drink.

Aroma-wise, there’s a sweet grainy, malty scent to it along with a hint of caramel. It also has high carbonation, a medium body, and a crisp & refreshing finish.

If you’re thinking hops and bitterness, a Crawford Bock will have very little to no hop aroma and flavor. The bitterness of a Crawford Bock has about 15 IBUs, so you might perceive a light bitterness but not overpowering at all.

Thinking of grabbing one? It’s only at 4.5% ABV, so you don’t have to worry about this Bock knocking you out of the park.

According to Astros Senior V.P. Matt Brand, Crawford Bock was made for the fans and the community. He goes on to say that the beer will take the fan experience to the next level whether you’re watching an Astros game live or in the comfort of your home.

Although the beer was specifically made for Astros fans, it’s generally regarded as a great brew to have with friends and family.

Who Makes Crawford Bock Beer?

Crawford Bock beer is brewed by Karbach Brewing Company. It’s worth mentioning this beer is also a partnership brew by the baseball team Houston Astros and Karbach.

You can easily tell by the design Astros had a hand in it. Not to mention, the baseball-related slogan: “A Home Run Every Time.”

As far as retro and tequila sunrise looks go, this beer isn’t just about taste and baseball. It’s got a lot of heart too.

Every time you buy a Crawford Bock, a portion of the proceeds is donated to charity. Specifically, the Astros Foundation, which is the official charity of the baseball team Houston Astros.

What does Astros Foundation support? Several great causes, such as:

  • Military recognition
  • Cancer awareness
  • Reduce homelessness
  • Support youth and baseball programs

In addition, Astros Foundation also has cornerstone initiatives like…

  • Community Leaders Program
  • Astros RBI Program
  • Astros MLB Youth Academy

Where Is Crawford Bock Made?

Crawford Bock is made in Houston’s Spring Branch Neighborhood located in Houston, Texas. Karbach Brewing Company was named for its location on Karbach street.

What Is Crawford Bock Named After?

Crawford Bock is named after the seats located in Minute Maid Park also called Crawford Boxes. The design and packaging were also inspired to have similar retro rainbow uniforms.

When Was Crawford Bock Made?

Crawford Bock made its first debut in the Astros Fan Fest back in January 26, 2019. However, after its first debut, it only became available to the public during the first week of March.

Its design is a blend of the old school Astros Rainbow uniforms and Minute Maid’s Crawford Boxes seats.

Is Crawford Bock a Craft Beer?

It’s safe to say that Crawford Bock is a craft beer. After all, Karbach Brewing Company is listed as a craft brewery in the US. Not to mention, it was the second-largest brewing company back in 2013.

However, Karbach Brewing Company is currently owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev. Thanks to AB InBev, the brewing capacity has increased from 40,00 barrels to 150,000 barrels per year.

It’s also worth noting that Anheuser-Busch InBev is the largest brewer in the world located in Leuven, Belgium.

What Type of Beer Is Crawford Bock?

Crawford Bock is a German-style lager, specifically a Bock. Bocks are strong beers brewed as a lager and have a malt-centric flavor profile.

In a Bock, hop flavors and aromas are barely noticeable. It’s all about the malt in a Bock, and the same goes for any other beer brewed that follows the style.

However, not all Bock styles will use the same grain bill or hop variety. Some will have a very rich malty flavor like a Doppelbock.

Others will have a toasty, bready, or grainy maltiness like a Maibock. As for a traditional Bock, its flavor profile will have sweet toasty maltiness. However, the sweetness in a Bock should never be cloying. And this also goes for beers like a Crawford Bock.

Although a Crawford Bock is classified as a traditional Bock, its ABV suggests otherwise. Why? Mainly because Bock beers are strong beers. Or put simply, a Bock is much stronger than a lager with an ABV between 6% to 7.5%.

Other Bocks like a Doppelbock or Eisbock can range from 7.5% to 14%. Seeing as how a Crawford Bock has a lower ABV, it doesn’t exactly have the “strong beer” quality. However, its malt profile and flavor are very similar to a traditional Bock’s style.

Is Crawford Bock a Lager Beer?

Crawford Bock is a German-style lager. The malt used in brewing a Crawford Bock is as follows:

  • Black malt
  • Munich malt
  • 2-row Pale malt
  • Medium Crystal malt

As for the hops, Karbach Brewing Company mentions on their site that they use Chinook and Cascade.

There aren’t any specifics for the ratios of malt or the yeast strain used. However, since Crawford Bock is a lager style, it follows that the yeast is a lager yeast strain.

Yeast strains like Bavarian Lager (Wyeast 2206) or White Labs WLP330 are common choices for most Bock beers.

Is Crawford Bock an IPA?

A Crawford Bock is nowhere near an IPA. IPAs are hoppy beers that have strong citrus or fruity flavor. Some IPAs like a NEIPA will have an intense fruity flavor.

A regular IPA will have a bitterness that’s hard to miss. In other words, IPAs are bitter, hoppy, and citrusy or fruity. These qualities are far from what you’d taste in a Crawford Bock.

Not to mention, a Crawford Bock doesn’t use a lot of hops in the brewing process. IPAs, on the other hand, use a generous amount of hops. In fact, some IPA recipes will require dry hopping where more hops are added during or after fermentation.

The result? A strong hop flavor and aroma, which is the opposite of a Crawford Bock’s style. Since Crawford Bock beer follows a Bock style, the hop flavor and aroma are little to none at all.

Finally, the ABV and IBU of a Crawford Bock are also much lower than a regular IPA.

Crawford Bock has an ABV of 4.5% while IPAs are normally between 6% to 7.5%. As for the IBUs, IPAs are normally within the 55 to 70 IBU range. A Crawford Bock only has a meager 15 IBUs. That’s hardly bitter for a beer.

Is Crawford Bock an Amber?

Crawford Bock is not an Amber ale. Amber ales have higher IBU, generally 25 to 45 IBUs, and also have a toffee malty flavor. Unlike a Crawford Bock, an Amber ale has a noticeable hop presence. This hop flavor can either be pine, citrus, or fruity.

Although Amber ales have a high malt character, it’s worth noting that the main difference between the two is the style itself. A Crawford Bock is a lager style while an Amber is an ale style.

In addition, Amber ales are much darker in appearance than a Crawford Bock.

Is Crawford Bock a Dark Beer?

A Crawford Bock will have an amber appearance, which belongs to the yellow color spectrum. Although most Bocks have a dark appearance, there are a few that have a pale yellow or golden color.

In that sense, Crawford Bocks may be classified as a traditional Bock, however…

Its appearance doesn’t follow the same dark brown or black color that you see in a traditional Bock. If you pour a Crawford Bock into a glass, it reveals a brownish-amber color. This can be considered darker than a pale beer or lager.

Although Karbach doesn’t mention Crawford Bock to be a dark beer, its appearance is close to that of a Bock’s. Personally, the brownish amber can also pass as dark brown or dark amber color, making it a dark beer.

Where to Buy Crawford Bock?

There are several places to buy Crawford Bock. You can easily find it in most local bars around Austin, like Mohawk and Cover 3. Of course, if you watch a baseball game in Houston, you’re also bound to find it easily.

That’s not your only option too. Local grocery stores like H-E-B and Target or a liquor store like Total Wine will have Crawford Bock available. And finally, online stores like Drizly or the Karbach site itself sell Crawford Bock.

If you see Karbach Brewing Company Greatest Hits Beer Variety Pack in your local store, go grab a pack. It has Crawford Bock and 3 extra must-try beers made by Karbach Brewing:

  • Hopadilla IPA
  • Love Street Blonde
  • Southern Wheat Belgian Style White Ale

Best Food Pairings With Crawford Bock

You can’t go wrong with salty snacks to pair with a Crawford Bock. Peanuts are always a go-to for many, but why stop there. Go grab some Cracker Jacks, a buttery pretzel, or even some cheesy nachos.

Wanna go classic? Grab a stadium hot dog and you’ll taste serious baseball vibes alongside a Crawford Bock. But of course, any meaty dish will also do. Burgers and steak? It’s the perfect pair!