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What Type of Beer Is Grimbergen (and Is It Good)?

Innovation is what characterizes Grimbergen Beer. It has no allegiance to any type of beer, rather, it has its own interpretations of many types. Pale ales, brown ales, wheat beers, and much more.
What Type of Beer Is Grimbergen

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Grimbergen Beer has a dramatic repeating history of ruin and rebirth. Its logo of the phoenix captures the essence of their nine centuries’ worth of journeys.

Beer authorities have come to recognize Grimbergen as one of the best brands of its kind. So keep on reading to know how they keep on winning.

Where Is Grimbergen Beer From?

Not surprisingly, Grimbergen Beer is from a Belgian Town of the same name. The town Grimbergen is located north of Brussels. And inside this town, you can find the Norbertine Abbey. This is where the ancient history of Grimbergen Beer originates from.

How Old Is Grimbergen?

Grimbergen Beer is the result of nine centuries worth of brewing wisdom. This is including the three times the abbey got torched and rebuilt during the wars. The beer and the abbey go hand in hand through history.

When Was Grimbergen Founded?

Norbert of Xanten was the founder of Grimbergen in 1128. His Order of Fathers built the abbey per the request of the lords of Grimbergen.

These Fathers of Grimbergen Abbey seem to be inclined to beer brewing. They were so passionate that they started their brewing practice right away in the same year.

Who Owns Grimbergen Beer?

There is no singular Owner of Grimbergen Beer. It is a beer brand that has been through many complicated situations. One of these situations includes ownership by two beer giants: Heineken and Carlsberg.

Whether the abbey retained a level of ownership is a legal matter beyond the public’s eyes. Notwithstanding, the abbey receives its share of profits. They use it for their non-brewing operations.

Who Makes Grimbergen Beer?

Norbertine monks of Grimbergen Abbey originally brewed Grimbergen Beer. But as the times have changed, the monks have adapted to the capitalistic world. This is especially true given their ownership structure.

They have allowed outsiders to join the ranks of their local Brewing Order in the abbey. They have joined forces with a Master Brewer from France. This is on top of other breweries authorized by the current owners of Grimbergen.

Where Is Grimbergen Brewed?

This brand of beer is brewed internationally. You can find it in breweries in Belgium, France, Poland, Netherlands, and Italy. As long as there is a Carlsberg brewery, you can rest assured that Grimbergen will make its way there.

And best of all, the Grimbergen Abbey Brewery has started operations again. It got back to brewing around 200 years after the French Revolution.

What Kind of Beer Is Grimbergen?

Grimbergen is a brand name that represents many kinds of beers. It is known to have a lot of styles in its repertoire. The most common styles they carry are:

  • Dubbel: A kind of Belgian brown ale.
  • Tripel: A strong pale ale.
  • Blond: A blond ale.

Is Grimbergen a Dubbel Beer?

For Dubbel Beers, you can try their “Grimbergen Double Ambrée.” It is a dark mahogany-colored beer with a coffee-colored foam head. The not-so-secret ingredient is the caramelized sugar syrup. Plus, this is a very malty beer.

Is Grimbergen a Tripel Beer?

For Tripel Beers, you can try their “Grimbergen Triple D’Abbaye.” It has a golden yellow color that reflects an ochre light into your eyes. The special ingredient is the coriander that pings you with citrusy notes.

Is Grimbergen a Blond Beer?

For Blond Beers, you can try their “Grimbergen Blonde.” It has a clear yellow color that reflects an orange light into your eyes. It has a cream-colored head of foam. This is a highly fermented beer that gives time for the yeast to unleash its wonderful flavors.

Is Grimbergen a Wheat Beer?

For Wheat Beers, you can try their “Grimbergen Blanche.” A light yellow-colored beer that gives off a lustrous sparkle. Secret spices make this a real spiced-up beverage.

Is Grimbergen a Pale Ale?

For Pale Ales, you can try their “Grimbergen Belgian Pale Ale.” You will see a clear golden color with hints of yellow bouncing around. It also boasts a cream-colored foam. This ale makes masterful use of aromatic caramel for a unique experience.

Is Grimbergen an Abbey Beer?

Grimbergen beers fall into an umbrella of beers called “Abbey Beers.” This class of beers is broadly defined as beers that are:

  • Made by a non-Trappist monastery.
  • Made by a commercial brewery under an agreement with an existing monastery.
  • Made by a commercial brewery using the name of a nonoperational monastery.

To be a part of this exclusive group of Belgian beers, the Union of Belgian Brewers needs to certify your beer. Upon accreditation, you are then allowed to use the “Certified Belgian Abbey Beer” logo.

How Strong Is Grimbergen Beer?

The highest Alcohol-By-Volume (ABV) rated beer of Grimbergen is their Triple D’Abbaye at 8.0% ABV. Their lowest is at 5.5% ABV care of Grimbergen Belgian Pale Ale. And every other beer they have sits comfily in the 6.0 to 6.7 percent ABV range. These numbers for ABV are on the above-average end for the spectrum for beer ABV. But in the end, how it hits you is what matters.

Which Grimbergen Is the Best?

The best in terms of worldwide recognition goes to Grimbergen Blanche. But the thing is, Grimbergen is such a beast of a beer that it has raked awards for most of its beers. It all then boils down to your own particular preference.

To make matters more complicated, Grimbergen released even more beers in their lineup. You can try Magnum Opus Brut Beer, Grimbergen Ignis Quadruple, and Grimbergen Astrum Pale Ale.

Where to Buy Grimbergen Beer

Thanks to Carlsberg, Grimbergen is available worldwide within their respective areas of influence. Some areas have online options more than others. You can talk with your local importer to find out more details.

Where Can I Buy Grimbergen Beer in the US?

You can find Grimbergen Beer through Carlsberg’s US importer and distributor. St. Killian Importing distributes to all the 50 states. They have been importing ales and lagers since 1983. They also provide specific information on where they distribute.

They mostly market Grimbergen Blonde and Grimbergen Double-Ambrée.

Where Can I Buy Grimbergen Beer in the UK?

There is nothing more amazing than finding Grimbergen on Amazon’s online shelves. It will make your life easier. Not only this, you can get the beer from Carlsberg Marstons Brewing Company. It is Carlsberg’s presence in the UK.

The great thing about Carlsberg Marstons is that you can order their drinks online.