Anytime is a good time for Peacemaker.

Hey, look at that – it’s Anytime! Through rigorous testing we’ve found that Peacemaker is so light, balanced and refreshing that you can enjoy it, well, anytime. So that’s what we’ve named it: Peacemaker Anytime Ale.

To launch Peacemaker Anytime Ale with a bang, we set out to create our most adventurous packaging yet: the world’s first and only 99-pack. Behold it, in all of its glory, in the video below.

Let’s be clear: it’s real. Like, really real. Over 7 feet and 82 pounds of real. But here's the catch: we’re only releasing a limited number of these beautiful beasts. So like the Chupacabra they're going to be tricky to nab. Yes, the Chupacabra is also real.

Online Taste Test

(A chilled Peacemaker is required to initiate the test.)

To Begin: Pour a nice cold Peacemaker into a pint glass. Hold it up to the light. See how it shines right through? Notice the clarity and the bright, unassuming color.

Now take a sniff. See if you pick up a slight biscuit/cracker character. That comes from the malt. Take another sniff and find the faint aroma of floral and citrus. That’s the Centennial hops. Now take a sip. Take another. Notice the balance between the first taste and the bright finish. You’ll find it’s surprisingly flavorful for such a light beer. That’s why it’s considered a brewer’s beer, because there’s nothing to hide behind.

Take one more sip - it should be as crisp and refreshing as the first. Check your watch: it’s anytime!

  • Alc. By Volume: 5.0
  • IBU Rating: 15
  • Anytimeness: 100

Anytimer of
the Month

Anytime Ale? More like Everytime Ale. This beer is so good it tastes great no matter which end of the can you drink it out of. That's why it's my anytime choice for #shotgunfriday.

-Tony Drewry, All over Texas

Crack open a Peacemaker. Capture your Anytime moment.


Tag it. Share it. Repeat. Extra points for creativity.

Drink A Winner

Silver Medal At The Great american Beer Festival

Turns out we’re not the only ones who think Peacemaker is awesome. The Great American Beer Festival agreed when they hung a Silver Medal over Peacemaker’s shiny shoulders. It was the very first GABF medal we won, and by far the most satisfying. Why? Because this beer sums up our entire brewing philosophy. Plus, it’s the beer we drink most often.

Get the Merch

Anytime Ale merchandise can make your awesome life even better. For example:

1) Come to the brewery and get a shirt. 2) Put it on. 3) Notice kind strangers yelling, “It’s Anytime!” 4) Reply, “You are correct, sir or madam.” 5) Cheers each other with a Peacemaker.

Swing by the brewery tasting room to grab your very own Anytime shirts, hats, koozies and more. While you’re at it, you can sample special beers on tap only at the brewery, grab a bite from one of our rotating food truck guests and meet the guys who make your beer.

Anytime Ale 99 Pack

Wow. We’ve already sold our entire run of 99-packs (thanks, internet!). For those of y’all that want just the giant, beautiful box, we still have a few left at the brewery. $9.99 seems like a good price for them. Feel free to swing by during one of our open house tours and pick one up! Hours are posted here.

If you don't happen to live in Austin, we’ll be happy to ship you one - just send us an email at You can fill them with whatever you want, but we can’t guarantee they won’t explode if filled with anything other than Peacemaker.